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Dec 9

Love Is The Solution

The world we live in is becoming more hectic and volatile, as cities and countries become more and more overcrowded, the personal space of an individual is becoming more fraught with friction. Today’s society has become less patient, people are getting used to getting things instantly, from fast food to the latest gadget. This only increases an individuals hunger to fight for whatever they may want. Patience seems to be a thing of the past, and people will do anything to feed their wants and desires.

You do not have to follow the same path as everyone else, you can tread a different path, you can follow the way of the wise, making love, peace and patience your trusty friends. You do not need to argue and fight with life or the world, this will only leave you entrapped within a society that cares more for materialism than the well-being of it’s individuals. Step out of the circle my friend, there is another way, you must drop the need for instant gratification, this only continues the internal fight, which more often than not results in external arguments, be that with your friends and family or a neighbour or work colleagues.

Stop the fight now and look around you, everyone is on a  journey from birth to death, most people know no better than they have been taught, they follow examples set to them by their parents and their parents follow similar examples and so on. They create identical lives and identical problems as their forefathers. You need not create the same mistakes, you can take control of your life and that of the lives of your children and their children. You can do this by changing your values and the way you look at life.

Love is the answer to all problems, nothing worthwhile has ever lasted through force, civilizations will crumble and so will communities and families, if love is not the core value that everyone follows. It is not your job to change other people to think and act like you, by doing so you only create more conflict, you create a them and us situation. You need not look down on people, but love them for who they are, love them just as much when they make mistakes as you do when the create something wonderful with their lives.

You must be steadfast with your love, be an example of positive change. People will listen to you more, the more you accept them for who they are. As I said you are not there to change people, you are there to stand as a light, as a beacon to humanity. The brighter you become the more people will take notice and when they take notice they also will see that love is the answer to their problems as well.

You cannot fight fire with fire, you will not resolve situations that have turned ugly by retaliating in kind. You must not be drawn into personal battles. In the end no one wins, only anger. You are more likely to solve a problem with a bunch of flowers, than an heated argument. Trust me, give them what they least expect and it throws a person off balance, when they expect an argument show them kindness instead.  By doing so you let love win the day and you allow peace to bloom within the heart’s of all those around you.

Be different, make a change in this world, by changing your ways for the better, in the long run it will cause you less friction and make you more friends. If you cannot solve a confrontation, fold your arms and walk away, so you can love another day.

Dec 9

You must forgive to be forgiven, you cannot expect to stand in the light while you still cast shadows. You cannot expect to see the truth while darkness surrounds.

The Inner Star

Just as the stars in the sky shine and brighten what would be a dark an empty sky, so do souls shine to fill this earth with light. You are one of those stars, you are a soul born from the love of God, just the same as everything else in this beautiful universe.  You are born from the light and you shall go back to the light once this journey to earth is over.

You must never forget your origin, even when you feel depressed and anxious, when you become negative you bring darkness close, you cut yourself off from the source of love, you become empty of joy and full of pain. Instead of being guided by positivity, you allow every negative influence to guide you off course. At times like this you need more than ever to reconnect with yourself, so you can regain your standing within the universe. In a sense you become a lost child, wandering aimless in the dark. The child will not find its way home unless  it can find a source of light to direct it, whether that be through the moon, a lamppost or a torch, or anything else.

You need to look within for your source of light, the inner connection to God and the universe. Others can help, but ultimately you will have to find the connection yourself. Other people cannot be around you 24 hours a day to guide you. You have to do the majority of the work yourself. These words may help you, but I will not be there tomorrow to hold your hand. You have to find the courage to break free of the negativity so that you can be guided by your inner star.

It does not matter what others think of you, if they reduce your self worth, you must stop listening. You should only listen to words of encouragement, you will never shine brightly if you take the ill spoken words of others to heart. You must rise yourself upwards, so your mind and heart can reach God, only then will you receive the guidance you seek, it will be untainted and infused with love. If it is anything less, then you are not listening to God, but your negativity.

Life can become very challenging and tiresome, especially if you are swept along by the problems of daily life. You need to ground yourself in the now, do not think too far into the future, or reflect on the past, unless it is a memory that reminds you about how good life can be. When you remember your achievements, do so with the thought that you can do the same again, do not let self doubt overtake your mind. If you have done it once, you can do it again. Your achievements shine brightly like the stars in the sky, reminding you what you are capable of. Let them shine, so the positivity can fill your mind once again.

You know deep down what is good and bad for you, if you have lost your way, its because you lost your connection to all that is good. You let self doubt rule your mind, instead of the inner star. Knowing this, you know deep down that it will not be so hard, to pick yourself up, so you can live your life once more.

At your innermost core there is an understanding of all that was, all that is & all that will be, if you would just listen. You will not find the answers by looking outside, the answers are entwined within your soul.

The Devil - Figment Of Your Imagination


The Devil is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. It was created thousands of years ago, to bring fear to those who supposedly went against God’s will. The truth is that it was used to control people, to push them towards doing good. And in many cases it probably did push people towards doing good. Yet for others it brought about a dark fear that followed them throughout their lives.

This still goes on in churches throughout the world, the Devil and his ways, are preached about just as much as God, if not more so by some, who love to make sinners out of everyone. Sadly they do more harm than good, they bring the devil to life within people’s minds. They sow a seed of negativity that need not be sown. Surely only seeds of love should be sown in the heart’s of people, not a seed of doubt, or fear.

Yet these same people will tell you that the Devils, biggest trick is to fool you that there is no Devil. It’s a catch 22 situation, you can’t win, you can’t get away from him. The more you want to clear your mind of the thought of him, the more someone wants to warn you of the dangers of forgetting the Devil. The whole thing is nonsensical, and very harmful, it is not the way to find happiness.

The same sort of people for thousands of years have labelled those who have conditions like epilepsy or sleep paralysis as being demonic. Even a birth mark in the wrong place could curse you for the rest of your life. This is nothing more than superstition gone crazy.

The Devil is an illusion of the mind, you create that illusion if you believe in it, just as you create the illusion you cannot cross the road due to the fear of being run over.

Imagine if no one had ever mentioned the Devil, no one had even spoke about him for the last 2000 years, imagine a world free of this negativity, it is only brought back to life by those who submit to the fear created by the mere thought of him.

If no one had ever talked about the Devil, all we would have would be God, and problems people faced living on this world. People would take ownership for their problems, instead of forever finding another scapegoat.. The Devil is one of many scapegoats people use, so as not to face their own worries and fears, blame something else but yourself for your actions, that seems to be the way of those who never resolve their problems.

It is not the way to be, the way forwards is always with God in your heart and with God as your guide. The Devil is symbolic of all that is negative, see it as no more than that and you shall progress far.