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Rise up from beneath troubled ground, the sun shines bright this very day, a blessing from the God of love in Heaven above. Night turns to day, just as your troubles will surely one day melt away.

Give Love

Give LoveHow difficult is it really, just to spread some love as you go about your daily lives.

How hard is it to say hello to the next door neighbour, or hold the shop door open for the next person.

How difficult is it, to spare some time to help others in need. How difficult is it, just to be friendly to your fellow man as you make your way through the day.  Love is not difficult, to love one and all is easy.

To pass through life not being loving and friendly is far more difficult. What do you really achieve by the end of each day, not being welcoming towards your fellow travelers of life. You only feel lonely and detached from the world.

So from tomorrow on your journey of life, love one and all. And you will see the love you receive back and the joy that fills your heart, will far outweigh anything else.

Tomorrow is a new beginning, embrace the light of a new day, you have a fresh chance to begin again, to make life to your making. You have a fresh chance to love and to make good what went wrong.

Your Achievements Count

Your Achievements CountA summer’s day is but a raindrop in the ocean of all things happening, between Heaven and earth. Thou are a part of this creation and what a fine part thy play in this act set before thee.

No one can take away your achievements, as they are but a ring entwined on your finger, married to your successes and failures. Concentrate your thoughts on what good you do, as no good comes from contemplation of your misdoings.

A chain cannot be broken in the cycle of life, though a strong chain is formed from strong links not weak ones. As a fire burns it needs fuel to stay alight, your soul needs fuel to burn for its very existence.

The fire glows from the burning embers of the log, your fuel comes from doing good and your achievements, which in turn illuminates the night’s sky, within this world that you reside. Be a presence of light through your achievements in this world my friends.

Explore This Wonderful World

Explore This Wonderful WorldAs day and night pass through a continual cycle, your own thoughts pass, whether they are good or bad. No one can deny that life may be difficult, but look outwards for comfort, in each and every precious moment.

Night has to fall so that you can reflect on what has happened that day, and as a new sun rises; you are shown the world again. Look at this world dear friend, every day as anew, your belongings and loved ones may be in the same place for now, but all things change.

Look upon each day with renewed vigour; Hold your child’s hands, whether it is your own child, or the hand of the child inside of you. Hold this hand and explore this wonderful creation you call earth.

Why should every flower be the same or animal be the same, they are not! They are all different and changing as I speak. Everything is changing, at this moment trees and flowers are growing or dying, so are you.

As with everything in this world nothing will be the same tomorrow as you look upon it today. So take my words to heart, look at everything in this world set before thee, as a child in exploration for the very first time. Then and only then will thee appreciate all that is happening in god’s world.