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Rise up from beneath troubled ground, the sun shines bright this very day, a blessing from the God of love in Heaven above. Night turns to day, just as your troubles will surely one day melt away.

Give Love

Give LoveHow difficult is it really, just to spread some love as you go about your daily lives.

How hard is it to say hello to the next door neighbour, or hold the shop door open for the next person.

How difficult is it, to spare some time to help others in need. How difficult is it, just to be friendly to your fellow man as you make your way through the day.  Love is not difficult, to love one and all is easy.

To pass through life not being loving and friendly is far more difficult. What do you really achieve by the end of each day, not being welcoming towards your fellow travelers of life. You only feel lonely and detached from the world.

So from tomorrow on your journey of life, love one and all. And you will see the love you receive back and the joy that fills your heart, will far outweigh anything else.

Tomorrow is a new beginning, embrace the light of a new day, you have a fresh chance to begin again, to make life to your making. You have a fresh chance to love and to make good what went wrong.