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Jun 5

You must be like God patience personified, everything comes to he who waits, just as night becomes day, your time will come. Misery and pain will pass, the light of happiness will once again come home.

Jun 5

You must turn your back on what makes you feel negative, if you wish to see and feel the light of happiness in your life. You must forever seek what is new and bright.

You are no better or worse than anyone else, you must focus on making your life and those who surround you happy. Do not gauge your happiness by what you have or do not have, be humble and accept everything with good grace.

Oct 8

One small step towards love, can become one giant leap towards salvation. A change of heart is all that is needed, to bring happiness back home.

Jul 9

The Search Never Ends

The Search Never EndsYou can often search high and low for what has been lost, you can look in every nook and cranny hoping to find a way to regain the happiness that once was.

Worry not my friend as nothing is ever lost in this world, things may become out of sight, but they never become out of mind.

Somewhere at the furthest corner of your mind will be the answer, of how to find what has once been lost.

Retrace your steps my friend, the spiritual path that you tread is not always meant to be travelled forwards. At times you have to retread our steps, however difficult this may be.

Your soul will find a way, if it needs to be reunited with what was held dearest and lost. Serendipity will circle in the air and bring you back to the source that you search for.

The search will never end until your soul regains what it seeks most. Like a magnet your soul will draw back into your life, what has been lost, be positive and the law of attraction will come into effect. negativity will only repel.

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