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Rise up from beneath troubled ground, the sun shines bright this very day, a blessing from the God of love in Heaven above. Night turns to day, just as your troubles will surely one day melt away.

Oct 8

One small step towards love, can become one giant leap towards salvation. A change of heart is all that is needed, to bring happiness back home.

Every Night

Every NightIn the darkness of night, far away from the troubles of ones life, is a place of tranquility. Nightly your soul is reunited with your Heavenly brothers and sisters, in God’s kingdom of Heaven.

The answers you seek are conveyed to you, in the language of the universe, pictures and symbols, tell the tale of your life and your eternal existence.

Your connection to Heaven is never broken, for you return nightly, while you sleep. You may wonder why so much is forgotten from this perpetual journey back and forth from your homeland.

Firstly nothing you see is ever forgotten, it is merely put aside for use at a another time, though if you recall too much too soon, this will affect the choices you make upon earth.

Your own souls growth it is interdependent upon you making decisions, that are of your own making. For how can a child become an adult, if it’s parents make every choice for it. The child would never grow and be independent in this life.

Nor will you be independent in this life if you do not make your choices alone. You will only be given the same task again and again if someone helps you complete it.

Your dreams are personal to you, just as your connection to God’s Heavenly Kingdom is personal, you all see and feel this experience differently. But you all experience the same degree of love from God.

A God that gains strength from you becoming whole. God wants to set you free from all limitations, God does not want you reliant upon anything for answers, as the answers to every question asked is within you.

This message is taught nightly, but you never really remember it, do you.

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Too Scared To Live Too Scared To Die

Too Scared To Live Too Scared To DieSometimes Life can become such a burden, that your thoughts and feelings succumb to an over powering anxiety, a point where you find near impossible to come back from. Unlike any other anxiety, this does not pass away over minutes or hours. You are at a stand still in time, too scared to live and too scared to die.

You are trapped in your own world, made cloudier by every thought, pulling you deeper and deeper. Everything seems to pass as if in slow motion. You feel like anything could end your world at any minute, and your scared of the thought that you could die and cross into the unknown.

Everything becomes dark and gloomy, without meaning, or feeling. You wish you could pass back into your old world, where you did not feel this pain. If only you could, you have passed over the threshold of your feelings, left in a world bereft of happiness and any reason to even exist.

Even God at this moment can feel a long way away. Your plea’s for help go unheard in your mind. Friends and family, seem cut off from you and untouchable.

You are not alone my friends, the feelings described have been felt by many in this world. What makes you feel more alone is not being able to reach out to see the warmth of souls that have trod this path before you.

You have been brought to this dark night of the soul for a reason. To stop you in your tracks. Mental fatigue has brought about, the slowing down of your mind, body and spirit. Life and it’s many problems has brought you to a halt.

Only when you are truly open, only when your mind and soul are at one, will God be able to garnish you with all the splendours of Heaven.

You must stop your struggle. Stop struggling, now for answers, as the answers, you seek are heart felt. Not one’s of the mind. God can only communicate with your heart and soul.

It is your heart and soul that resonates with the universal wisdom’s passed down through time immemorial. So let go my friends, of your mental fight with everything and anything and be at one with God through your heart and soul, while you pass through your dark night.

God is made of love and will never leave you one moment longer in pain than you can bear. Your dark night is an initiation, enabling you to pass into the kingdom of God, brought alive upon this earth.

Jun 3

The Four Seasons Of Life

The seasons come and go, the leaves fall, the flower grows, the ice kills and the rivers flow. Each season brings different obstacles as well as benefits, the spring brings new life after the bareness of winter, the summer brings life to all who are care free, the autumn, brings reflection, a time to discard that which has not worked. The winter brings an end to life for many, yet those who stored their harvest wisely, will not go without.

The seasons of life go in a perpetual cycle, just as the seasons of the mind do. You may feel tired and sapped of energy, but your springtime will come again, rest your head in God’s lap while winter passes, for a chance to begin again will not be far off.

The mind has to clear the unneeded just like in autumn, if you have outgrown a belief you need to shed the old so you can grow towards Heaven.

The mind needs to feel happy, it needs to feel the warmth of a summers breeze, a lovers kiss, it seeks some solace from the nectar of life, friendships and relationships mean most.

Never let your mind stagnate in worry, deep down you know that spring will come again, you know that beneath the darkness and broken ruble will appear fresh life, seeking the sun above, seeking to be at one again.

The Music is By Vivaldi: Four Seasons - Summer