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You are no better or worse than anyone else, you must focus on making your life and those who surround you happy. Do not gauge your happiness by what you have or do not have, be humble and accept everything with good grace.

Light Rules Above Darkness

Light Rules Above DarknessFocus your mind in the quietness, though stillness is hard to achieve, whilst troubles surround you. Nothing is easy, though patience through perseverance is attainable.

Focus oneself, upon a star in the night’s sky, forever enlightening, forever touching the Earth in which you reside. The star gives of its own energy to lighten the night’s sky. Penetrating the darkness with a radiance that has allowed travelers throughout the centuries, to find their way in the darkness of night. As you also seek a direction in the darkness that obscures your path. Allowing this star to shine brightly within your mind.

Allow your path to be seen in clarity, not confusion. Be humble in your predicament, relinquishing the chains that hold you back. While you blindly exclude yourself from the truth. What lesson has your predicament taught you. The man that humbly bears the scars of life removes the stigma of failing to achieve imprecise beliefs held by human kind. Relinquish your troubles be humble my friends. Allow the star that burns brightly in your mind to guide your path. Guiding you through the obstacles, that obstruct you on your passage to more fulfilling times.

Stand within The God Light permitting colours so iridescent, colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Allow these colours to permeate through your very being, touching every part of the spirit that is you. Actions, words and ill thoughts towards you, may blighten your path, may reduce your self-worth. Ask of these attacks on your spirit to be enveloped by the light that shines upon you. Nothing can harm you for long, with the presence of light guarding you, from the darkness of ill intention.

Focus on the pain and suffering your body holds, the aches and pains that cause you discomfort, in your life. These can be removed, if not in their entirety, in part they can be vanquished, by disconnecting pain from thought. It is thought that holds onto the memory of pain. Does not the pain of a child’s burnt hand lessen when his mother kisses it better. Does not the love she embellishes lessen the pain within the child’s hand.

To envelope pain with love and light, extinguishes suffering. So once again allow love, allow The God Light in all its immensity, to wash away suffering and pain in whatever form that it governs your life. It need not be that way, love and light reign supremely within this world. Allow them to reign supremely within you.

How To Become Rich Overnight

How To Become Rich OvernightA poor man becomes rich, the moment that he discovers the treasure hidden in his heart. You do not have to look far to find your fortune, it lies in waiting beneath the exterior that you show to the world.

Deep within you is the answer to all of your dreams, if you just look within and stop looking everywhere but yourself for the answer to happiness.

Yes it is that simple, it only takes a change in attitude a dropping of all the barriers that keep you far from love. That is all you need to do.

Drop the ego, it has not served you well has it, be as humble as the beggar, be happy for small mercies, stop looking for the next fix through material gain. Happiness is not found in the bottom of a wine glass, neither is it found in following all your wants and desires. It is found when you are happy to simply be you.

When you are content with yourself, the whole world joins together in your happiness. The sun will rise giving you a big wink for understanding the simplicity of living.

Dean Martin used to sing a song called Dreamer With A Penny, the words go like this.

"I’d rather be a dreamer with a penny Than a rich man with a worried mind Here I am with wealth untold The moonlight is my silver the sunshine is my gold"

It is that simple, the only thing holding you back is you.