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Jun 5

Be grateful for what you have, for you could lose it, seeking what you do not have. It is better to be content, than to live a life chasing what could be found close to home.

Jun 5

You must turn your back on what makes you feel negative, if you wish to see and feel the light of happiness in your life. You must forever seek what is new and bright.

Dec 9

Love Is The Solution

The world we live in is becoming more hectic and volatile, as cities and countries become more and more overcrowded, the personal space of an individual is becoming more fraught with friction. Today’s society has become less patient, people are getting used to getting things instantly, from fast food to the latest gadget. This only increases an individuals hunger to fight for whatever they may want. Patience seems to be a thing of the past, and people will do anything to feed their wants and desires.

You do not have to follow the same path as everyone else, you can tread a different path, you can follow the way of the wise, making love, peace and patience your trusty friends. You do not need to argue and fight with life or the world, this will only leave you entrapped within a society that cares more for materialism than the well-being of it’s individuals. Step out of the circle my friend, there is another way, you must drop the need for instant gratification, this only continues the internal fight, which more often than not results in external arguments, be that with your friends and family or a neighbour or work colleagues.

Stop the fight now and look around you, everyone is on a  journey from birth to death, most people know no better than they have been taught, they follow examples set to them by their parents and their parents follow similar examples and so on. They create identical lives and identical problems as their forefathers. You need not create the same mistakes, you can take control of your life and that of the lives of your children and their children. You can do this by changing your values and the way you look at life.

Love is the answer to all problems, nothing worthwhile has ever lasted through force, civilizations will crumble and so will communities and families, if love is not the core value that everyone follows. It is not your job to change other people to think and act like you, by doing so you only create more conflict, you create a them and us situation. You need not look down on people, but love them for who they are, love them just as much when they make mistakes as you do when the create something wonderful with their lives.

You must be steadfast with your love, be an example of positive change. People will listen to you more, the more you accept them for who they are. As I said you are not there to change people, you are there to stand as a light, as a beacon to humanity. The brighter you become the more people will take notice and when they take notice they also will see that love is the answer to their problems as well.

You cannot fight fire with fire, you will not resolve situations that have turned ugly by retaliating in kind. You must not be drawn into personal battles. In the end no one wins, only anger. You are more likely to solve a problem with a bunch of flowers, than an heated argument. Trust me, give them what they least expect and it throws a person off balance, when they expect an argument show them kindness instead.  By doing so you let love win the day and you allow peace to bloom within the heart’s of all those around you.

Be different, make a change in this world, by changing your ways for the better, in the long run it will cause you less friction and make you more friends. If you cannot solve a confrontation, fold your arms and walk away, so you can love another day.

You are no better or worse than anyone else, you must focus on making your life and those who surround you happy. Do not gauge your happiness by what you have or do not have, be humble and accept everything with good grace.

The Moment Of Separation

The Moment Of SeparationNever did love know its place of belonging more than at the moment of separation. Life can seem mundane, relationships can seem poor, yet they are only as good as you make them. You only get out of something what you put in.

If you make a house with crumbing house bricks, and poor mortar, that same house will fall before long. Your relationships are just the same. If you they are not built with sound foundations, and the mortar, the bonding glue of love, they shall also fall.

Love is too precious, to let it slip between your hands, without taking time out, to rethink your actions. Focus on the good and work from there.

Never leave something until the last minute to fix, if you have problems, work on sorting them out now. Work on building things again from a  sound foundation. You can always begin again with a relationship just like anything else. Do not leave it until the moment of separation to realise you could of done so much more!