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Rise up from beneath troubled ground, the sun shines bright this very day, a blessing from the God of love in Heaven above. Night turns to day, just as your troubles will surely one day melt away.

Every Night

Every NightIn the darkness of night, far away from the troubles of ones life, is a place of tranquility. Nightly your soul is reunited with your Heavenly brothers and sisters, in God’s kingdom of Heaven.

The answers you seek are conveyed to you, in the language of the universe, pictures and symbols, tell the tale of your life and your eternal existence.

Your connection to Heaven is never broken, for you return nightly, while you sleep. You may wonder why so much is forgotten from this perpetual journey back and forth from your homeland.

Firstly nothing you see is ever forgotten, it is merely put aside for use at a another time, though if you recall too much too soon, this will affect the choices you make upon earth.

Your own souls growth it is interdependent upon you making decisions, that are of your own making. For how can a child become an adult, if it’s parents make every choice for it. The child would never grow and be independent in this life.

Nor will you be independent in this life if you do not make your choices alone. You will only be given the same task again and again if someone helps you complete it.

Your dreams are personal to you, just as your connection to God’s Heavenly Kingdom is personal, you all see and feel this experience differently. But you all experience the same degree of love from God.

A God that gains strength from you becoming whole. God wants to set you free from all limitations, God does not want you reliant upon anything for answers, as the answers to every question asked is within you.

This message is taught nightly, but you never really remember it, do you.

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I Am Only Human

I Am Only HumanI am only human made of flesh and bones, as are all of you. I feel pain and joy as you all do. The scars of life I boldly wear.

Sometimes I am lost for answers, just as the man next to me is. Sometimes my cross is too much to bear. At times like this I need to sit and rest, for the path is not always easy, when you find yourself on uneven ground.

I chose this path, just the same as everyone reading these words. If I fail for a time, I should not hold shame. For I am only human and are bound to make mistakes, though I am also bound to this path.

I seek the light, as you all do, to brighten sky’s that become dark. Night passes daily to light, so rest assure, when I see my darkness, light will surely follow. I am only human bound to the cycles of time.

One day the cross I bear will find a home, I can leave it on a mountain top. Leave it as a beacon for all others that follow the true path.

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Jun 5

Is It The Ego Or Not

Is It The Ego Or NotMy look might some what disgust you, my ways might not be as refined as your own, I am different in many aspects. I sleep when you are awake, I waken when you fall to sleep.

I am the night, I live in the shade, yet I come to life in the light of fear. I am neither good, nor bad, I am the mirror, the reflection of those who look into me.

I come from a place only reached by the mind, I am the object of the imagination. I come and go, I appear and disappear, I open doors that seemed shut, and I close doors that looked open.

I am a friend, a foe, a listening ear, I am the noise and the thunder, I give and I take, what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine.

I am the fool, I am the wise man, I know nothing and I know everything, I read words of hatred, and I burn books of love, there are two sides to every tale.

I live by the river of emotions, anger one side, love the other. I swim backwards and forwards, with and against the current. Sometimes I drown, and sometimes I gaze upon the stars while I float.

I am the laughter, I am the tears, I am the comforting ear. I am the abuser, masked as the long lost lover. If you search for me, you will find me, for I hide where you hope not to find me.

I am the brother and the sister that you never had, I am the saint and the sinner, the liar and a bringer of truth.

I am the unspoken word, I speak the words no one else will speak, I am the mute who cannot listen, for listening often hurts the heart.

Mock me and you mock yourself, for I am you and you am I, you may not agree with me, and I may likely not agree with you, we are two sides of the same coin.

I am bitter, I am sweet, you can take me or leave me, you can laugh at me or with me, you cannot escape me, for I am the figment of your imagination.

Explore This Wonderful World

Explore This Wonderful WorldAs day and night pass through a continual cycle, your own thoughts pass, whether they are good or bad. No one can deny that life may be difficult, but look outwards for comfort, in each and every precious moment.

Night has to fall so that you can reflect on what has happened that day, and as a new sun rises; you are shown the world again. Look at this world dear friend, every day as anew, your belongings and loved ones may be in the same place for now, but all things change.

Look upon each day with renewed vigour; Hold your child’s hands, whether it is your own child, or the hand of the child inside of you. Hold this hand and explore this wonderful creation you call earth.

Why should every flower be the same or animal be the same, they are not! They are all different and changing as I speak. Everything is changing, at this moment trees and flowers are growing or dying, so are you.

As with everything in this world nothing will be the same tomorrow as you look upon it today. So take my words to heart, look at everything in this world set before thee, as a child in exploration for the very first time. Then and only then will thee appreciate all that is happening in god’s world.