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Man Versus God

God Vs AtheistThe atheist questions God all day long, obsessed in proving the nonexistence, in reality he proves he knows no more than the next man.

Proving God is a thankless task, it does not matter what you say, if someone has already made their mind up, you will go round in circles all day long.

The only proof you can show is the contentment on people’s faces. Those who have a strong faith in God, become serene, and happy with life. They accept what life throws at them with good grace.

Yet this is not proof enough for some as they would say anyone who was positive enough would feel just the same. Maybe so, but would you deny the happiness a believer holds.

Would you prefer he drops his happiness, and instead becomes anxious with life again. Even if God is just one big placebo affect, would you really derive happiness in taking away someones hope.

If you are such a person, who goes around trying to undermine or belittle others, to make you feel better. You are only stating how bitter you have become with life, as no good person would derive any satisfaction from inflicting harm.

It seems science has become the atheists best friend, they forget that us who believe in God, respect science as well. None of us would deny scientific facts, believers in God are not all foolhardy. Yet science can be wrong, and it has been proven many times, that science is not 100% understood. Scientists are still discovering the universe and the workings of the human body. No one has the full information on everything yet.

There is so much to understand in the vast universe, only a fool would admit he has all the answers. You will never find the truth if you have already made up your mind, open it a little, in that vast universe that man knows little about, there might, just might be a God.

From Ape To Man - Spiritual Evolution

From Ape To Man - Spiritual EvolutionI for one do not care what the Bible says, I believe in evolution. I believe we have evolved as a species, as science says from modest beginnings. Yet I believe in the soul and the spirit of man, I believe every animal has a soul as well.

So how can we evolve from single cell organisms to become human beings. It does seem like a long journey, one that has probably had many twists and turns. But on the surface it does seem a little absurd to think we have evolved from one little cell.

No wonder the Victorian Christians had a hard time getting around Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. But at the same time the earth being made in 7 days, and the notion that we have moved on 6000 years since then, seems equally hard to grasp.

Most people go with sciences view on evolution now, but that still leaves us wondering, especially the spiritual thinkers of the world. With the theory of evolution, there seems little mentioned on the soul and the spirit.When exactly did the spirit enter man, where exactly did the soul come from. Surely it was not present in a single celled organism, or maybe it was.

As I said earlier, I believe every animal has a soul, and that soul will go to Heaven, just like with us humans. I do not believe plants have such a soul, but I might be wrong, as they have evolved from exactly the same source as us, if we are to believe what science says on evolution.

Humans and animals have been proven to have a conscience, they are conscious of their actions, that is what is supposed to divide us from plants, yet, some plants have the ability to do some amazing things, like the Venus fly trap. Yet even considering this, I would see plants as more reactive than proactive. They react to circumstance, where most animals, would have the ability to be proactive. There is more of a mind behind the actions.

I cannot give you the answer to when the soul of man appeared on this planet, but I would guess that the soul’s evolution has come hand in hand with us as a species. At some point the soul of man took full hold of the body, and not too long afterwards, we saw the growth of great civilizations, before that point we would probably of had a less evolved soul. Which goes without saying, as everything evolves until it reaches perfection.

I know these words have posed more questions, than I have given answers, but the seed has been sown, for you, to explore and find the truth yourself.

Believe What You Want

Believe WhatYou Want

I always find it strange how atheists spend so much time knocking all belief in God. You would think God would be the furthest thing from their mind, but no, they spend all day trying to dismiss the existence of God. If I was atheist, which I am not. God would not enter my mind.

Why would I need to argue against others who have a different belief to me. I would only argue with others if I was not sure about my own belief. In arguing I would be trying to affirm to myself that I was right.

For me it does not matter what another believes, I do not preach my beliefs, it really does not matter to me, it is their choice to believe what they want not mine. But please Atheists get off the bandwagon that it is science versus Religion. I read as many articles on science as the next man, and I know many spiritual people who do the same. Religion is not at war against science. It is just a stick atheists pick up to try to beat spiritual people with.. Sadly it never gets to the truth of the subject.