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Rise up from beneath troubled ground, the sun shines bright this very day, a blessing from the God of love in Heaven above. Night turns to day, just as your troubles will surely one day melt away.

Generous Is God

Generous Is GodWondrous is the Star amongst the night sky, forever twinkling within the iris of your eye, forever casting light throughout the dark and lonely night.

Glorious is the Rainbow, that forms after teaming rain, gleaming brightly through the rays of the Sun. Magically touching ones heart with it’s every appearance.

Curious are the Clouds, never knowing which way to go, drifting this way and that, by the wind, their wily friend, who whispers constantly as it takes in every breath.

Powerful is the Sea, crashing upon the rocks, waves rising high, with a strength unsurpassed, though at times tranquil and serene, beautiful to the naked eye.

Proud is the Sun, that stands most gallant of them all. Brightening darkened sky’s, to bring life to one and all. A warmth so loving, that allows us all grow, no matter who or what you are.

Generous is God, for allowing us to see, all these wonders, with our own eyes, able to feel the immense presence of a kingdom so varied and yet still so magnificent.

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Jun 6

Does not the sun shine down on you, just as God’s love does, the flower grows in the light of the sun, just as you grow beautiful in the light of God.