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Dec 9

Try to accept yourself as you are, God made you that way for a reason, in time you will realise why. In time you will see your true beauty.

Dec 9

You must forgive to be forgiven, you cannot expect to stand in the light while you still cast shadows. You cannot expect to see the truth while darkness surrounds.

The Inner Star

Just as the stars in the sky shine and brighten what would be a dark an empty sky, so do souls shine to fill this earth with light. You are one of those stars, you are a soul born from the love of God, just the same as everything else in this beautiful universe.  You are born from the light and you shall go back to the light once this journey to earth is over.

You must never forget your origin, even when you feel depressed and anxious, when you become negative you bring darkness close, you cut yourself off from the source of love, you become empty of joy and full of pain. Instead of being guided by positivity, you allow every negative influence to guide you off course. At times like this you need more than ever to reconnect with yourself, so you can regain your standing within the universe. In a sense you become a lost child, wandering aimless in the dark. The child will not find its way home unless  it can find a source of light to direct it, whether that be through the moon, a lamppost or a torch, or anything else.

You need to look within for your source of light, the inner connection to God and the universe. Others can help, but ultimately you will have to find the connection yourself. Other people cannot be around you 24 hours a day to guide you. You have to do the majority of the work yourself. These words may help you, but I will not be there tomorrow to hold your hand. You have to find the courage to break free of the negativity so that you can be guided by your inner star.

It does not matter what others think of you, if they reduce your self worth, you must stop listening. You should only listen to words of encouragement, you will never shine brightly if you take the ill spoken words of others to heart. You must rise yourself upwards, so your mind and heart can reach God, only then will you receive the guidance you seek, it will be untainted and infused with love. If it is anything less, then you are not listening to God, but your negativity.

Life can become very challenging and tiresome, especially if you are swept along by the problems of daily life. You need to ground yourself in the now, do not think too far into the future, or reflect on the past, unless it is a memory that reminds you about how good life can be. When you remember your achievements, do so with the thought that you can do the same again, do not let self doubt overtake your mind. If you have done it once, you can do it again. Your achievements shine brightly like the stars in the sky, reminding you what you are capable of. Let them shine, so the positivity can fill your mind once again.

You know deep down what is good and bad for you, if you have lost your way, its because you lost your connection to all that is good. You let self doubt rule your mind, instead of the inner star. Knowing this, you know deep down that it will not be so hard, to pick yourself up, so you can live your life once more.

Man Versus God

God Vs AtheistThe atheist questions God all day long, obsessed in proving the nonexistence, in reality he proves he knows no more than the next man.

Proving God is a thankless task, it does not matter what you say, if someone has already made their mind up, you will go round in circles all day long.

The only proof you can show is the contentment on people’s faces. Those who have a strong faith in God, become serene, and happy with life. They accept what life throws at them with good grace.

Yet this is not proof enough for some as they would say anyone who was positive enough would feel just the same. Maybe so, but would you deny the happiness a believer holds.

Would you prefer he drops his happiness, and instead becomes anxious with life again. Even if God is just one big placebo affect, would you really derive happiness in taking away someones hope.

If you are such a person, who goes around trying to undermine or belittle others, to make you feel better. You are only stating how bitter you have become with life, as no good person would derive any satisfaction from inflicting harm.

It seems science has become the atheists best friend, they forget that us who believe in God, respect science as well. None of us would deny scientific facts, believers in God are not all foolhardy. Yet science can be wrong, and it has been proven many times, that science is not 100% understood. Scientists are still discovering the universe and the workings of the human body. No one has the full information on everything yet.

There is so much to understand in the vast universe, only a fool would admit he has all the answers. You will never find the truth if you have already made up your mind, open it a little, in that vast universe that man knows little about, there might, just might be a God.

I Am Only Human

I Am Only HumanI am only human made of flesh and bones, as are all of you. I feel pain and joy as you all do. The scars of life I boldly wear.

Sometimes I am lost for answers, just as the man next to me is. Sometimes my cross is too much to bear. At times like this I need to sit and rest, for the path is not always easy, when you find yourself on uneven ground.

I chose this path, just the same as everyone reading these words. If I fail for a time, I should not hold shame. For I am only human and are bound to make mistakes, though I am also bound to this path.

I seek the light, as you all do, to brighten sky’s that become dark. Night passes daily to light, so rest assure, when I see my darkness, light will surely follow. I am only human bound to the cycles of time.

One day the cross I bear will find a home, I can leave it on a mountain top. Leave it as a beacon for all others that follow the true path.

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