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Man Versus God

God Vs AtheistThe atheist questions God all day long, obsessed in proving the nonexistence, in reality he proves he knows no more than the next man.

Proving God is a thankless task, it does not matter what you say, if someone has already made their mind up, you will go round in circles all day long.

The only proof you can show is the contentment on people’s faces. Those who have a strong faith in God, become serene, and happy with life. They accept what life throws at them with good grace.

Yet this is not proof enough for some as they would say anyone who was positive enough would feel just the same. Maybe so, but would you deny the happiness a believer holds.

Would you prefer he drops his happiness, and instead becomes anxious with life again. Even if God is just one big placebo affect, would you really derive happiness in taking away someones hope.

If you are such a person, who goes around trying to undermine or belittle others, to make you feel better. You are only stating how bitter you have become with life, as no good person would derive any satisfaction from inflicting harm.

It seems science has become the atheists best friend, they forget that us who believe in God, respect science as well. None of us would deny scientific facts, believers in God are not all foolhardy. Yet science can be wrong, and it has been proven many times, that science is not 100% understood. Scientists are still discovering the universe and the workings of the human body. No one has the full information on everything yet.

There is so much to understand in the vast universe, only a fool would admit he has all the answers. You will never find the truth if you have already made up your mind, open it a little, in that vast universe that man knows little about, there might, just might be a God.


AcceptanceLife is about accepting and understanding other people’s behaviour. It is alien to some people to accept in others what they cannot accept in themselves.

Yet it causes far less pain to learn acceptance of issues that trouble you, as life has a habit of throwing up what you least like to happen or have most trouble in accepting.

Acceptance is the key to not having these troubles sent your way, as acceptance erodes away the fear of all the worries of life that befall you.

Jul 5

Live and let live, give others the same rights you seek for yourself, give freedom and free yourself of unwanted heartache. Drop your judgements and instead begin to understand.

Jun 4

Love And Understanding

Love And UnderstandingTo understand Love, understand a world bereft of Love, then you come to realise the strength of Love.

Imagine a world without love, without care for one another. Then you imagine a world lacking beauty, without friendship, without harmony.

A world empty of meaning and full of empty feelings, a world lacking in morals and virtues, a world on the decline.

A world without love, would surely be a horrible place to live, so when you think to yourself what is love, by seeing what it is not, or what the world would be like without it, it becomes obvious that love is the be all and end all.

Understanding Love

Understaning LoveGive me a reason for your actions! How can you say you have so much love, yet fail to understand how to employ it? Love is made up of three main parts giving, cherishing and growth.

If love is given freely as it always should be, there are many rewards far greater than just having it returned in favour. Your own soul seeks love; it cherishes to be at one with all, as everything that is at one, in at-one-ment or in a state of agreement has the opportunity to evolve. Without the sun, a flower could not grow. As with your soul, without the light of another it cannot grow.

You are all suns that radiate outwards, towards each and everyone. Giving of this love enables your soul and other souls the chance to grow. Used wisely love surpasses all worldly feelings! Tell me what feelings come with the growth of a child, the growth of a relationship. Does not this love increase over time, is not love the overriding factor.

Show me a man that does not love, therefore you show me a man that does not grow within himself. Show me a man that does not give, therefore you show me a man that knows not the meaning of love. Show me a man that does not cherish all that he says he loves, therefore you show me a man that does not appreciate the love he holds in his hands.