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Man Versus God

God Vs AtheistThe atheist questions God all day long, obsessed in proving the nonexistence, in reality he proves he knows no more than the next man.

Proving God is a thankless task, it does not matter what you say, if someone has already made their mind up, you will go round in circles all day long.

The only proof you can show is the contentment on people’s faces. Those who have a strong faith in God, become serene, and happy with life. They accept what life throws at them with good grace.

Yet this is not proof enough for some as they would say anyone who was positive enough would feel just the same. Maybe so, but would you deny the happiness a believer holds.

Would you prefer he drops his happiness, and instead becomes anxious with life again. Even if God is just one big placebo affect, would you really derive happiness in taking away someones hope.

If you are such a person, who goes around trying to undermine or belittle others, to make you feel better. You are only stating how bitter you have become with life, as no good person would derive any satisfaction from inflicting harm.

It seems science has become the atheists best friend, they forget that us who believe in God, respect science as well. None of us would deny scientific facts, believers in God are not all foolhardy. Yet science can be wrong, and it has been proven many times, that science is not 100% understood. Scientists are still discovering the universe and the workings of the human body. No one has the full information on everything yet.

There is so much to understand in the vast universe, only a fool would admit he has all the answers. You will never find the truth if you have already made up your mind, open it a little, in that vast universe that man knows little about, there might, just might be a God.

Every Night

Every NightIn the darkness of night, far away from the troubles of ones life, is a place of tranquility. Nightly your soul is reunited with your Heavenly brothers and sisters, in God’s kingdom of Heaven.

The answers you seek are conveyed to you, in the language of the universe, pictures and symbols, tell the tale of your life and your eternal existence.

Your connection to Heaven is never broken, for you return nightly, while you sleep. You may wonder why so much is forgotten from this perpetual journey back and forth from your homeland.

Firstly nothing you see is ever forgotten, it is merely put aside for use at a another time, though if you recall too much too soon, this will affect the choices you make upon earth.

Your own souls growth it is interdependent upon you making decisions, that are of your own making. For how can a child become an adult, if it’s parents make every choice for it. The child would never grow and be independent in this life.

Nor will you be independent in this life if you do not make your choices alone. You will only be given the same task again and again if someone helps you complete it.

Your dreams are personal to you, just as your connection to God’s Heavenly Kingdom is personal, you all see and feel this experience differently. But you all experience the same degree of love from God.

A God that gains strength from you becoming whole. God wants to set you free from all limitations, God does not want you reliant upon anything for answers, as the answers to every question asked is within you.

This message is taught nightly, but you never really remember it, do you.

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May 6

Haunted By Fear

Haunted By FearFor those who suffer with fear, it is like being in a never ending nightmare. Every shadow and unexpected noise, just seems to add even more worry to the sufferers disposition. It is not easy trying to stay calm when the world is full of unexpected activity.

Let us rationalise first, not everything in life can be expected, there are few things that turn up at their allotted time. Only the rise of the sun and its setting can be expected, bar that everything else seems to be in a flux of change. So you must understand that most things, will not go exactly as planned.

You might not find the boyfriend or girlfriend you planned to find, or the job you dreamed of since a child. You might not win the lottery that you dream about nightly. You might not get a lot of things you desire, and you might just end up getting things that was not planned for in exchange.

Yes life does have a habit of throwing up what we least expect. But does it really, or have we missed something here. Maybe the universe is giving you what you fear, more so than what you desire. Maybe the universe listens to what you fear just as much as what you desire.

Maybe the universe gets a little confused about what you want. If you think all day for instance, about your car breaking down, maybe the universe thinks you would be better off without it. Maybe you would be better without that nice house. You seem to spend all day worrying about it, so just maybe the universe thinks you would be better off without it.

Maybe the universe is wondering why you worry about losing your partner so much, maybe the universe thinks you could do without the worry, and instead take them away from you.

This is making you think, is it not. Just maybe you should stop worrying about what might happen, stop worrying about what will break next, or what danger is hiding in that cupboard at 2am. Stop looking for the answers in the dark. You must find the light with a reasoning mind. Only then will you find the truth about what you fear.

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The Skeptical Man

The Skeptical ManWe all know people who are skeptical, many of us have been this way or still are. It is a state of being that does not allow you to believe anything unless you have the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Yet is this really the way forwards, sometimes its healthy to be a little skeptical, as it would be a bit foolhardy to believe everything people say. You could end up becoming very gullible, you would not want people taking advantage of you, would you.

As I see things, there is a fine line between believing in any old rubbish that enters your mind, or being so closed minded, that truth has nowhere to get in. You must find the middle path somehow, where you can allow your thoughts to drift to the possibility that things beyond your imagination can happen. While staying grounded and not allowing you to get too carried away with whatever notions cross your mind.

There is a saying that goes, what a man thinks about all day he becomes, hold that thought for a moment, while we look deeper into the complexity of the mind. Your conscious mind can only cope with so much data at one time, it is the subconscious mind that does all the work, after all it keeps all the parts of your body moving, all the parts like your lungs, your heart and liver, all the parts you cannot see. Besides thinking about subjects that your conscious mind has no care to think about.

You see so little of what is going on around you, you only see basically what is in-front of you or slightly to the side. You only see 1% of the light spectrum, and even science only has the ability to see but a fraction of the universe.

You know so little about life and the universe, most of it goes over your head, well not all of it, because the subconscious mind sees it, it thinks about this all day. As I said earlier what you think about all day you become. Which means the subconscious part of you is getting wiser by the day, if you could only tap into the wisdom it holds.

If you could see what the subconscious mind sees, you would see far beyond your limited capabilities. You would see into the truth of things much clearer. So please be a little less skeptical and trust your inner intuition, it lies deep within your being and holds the answer to every question you could ask. It has been taking notice, while you have walked through life with your eyes shut.

There is so much more to know, if at first you could connect with yourself. You are a beacon of untold knowledge, if you would just believe.