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Jun 5

Be grateful for what you have, for you could lose it, seeking what you do not have. It is better to be content, than to live a life chasing what could be found close to home.

Jun 5

You must be like God patience personified, everything comes to he who waits, just as night becomes day, your time will come. Misery and pain will pass, the light of happiness will once again come home.

Jun 5

For every problem there is a solution, likewise, for every answer there is a question, and you will question until you know. Until you see nothing but the solution standing out in your mind amongst the confusion.

Jun 5

You must turn your back on what makes you feel negative, if you wish to see and feel the light of happiness in your life. You must forever seek what is new and bright.

Dec 9

Try to accept yourself as you are, God made you that way for a reason, in time you will realise why. In time you will see your true beauty.